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DLC® is always reinforcing the QA organization, and is shaping the corporate culture to allow neither the slightest quality problem nor compromise on quality under the vision of “DLC Electronics, Perceived as Best Quality by Customers and Consumers”. DLC® is also trying to provide consumers with the high-safety products by promoting enterprise quality activities and quality awareness.



From day one, DLC® provides real warranty plan coverage for 18 months. Click here to learn more about DLC® Terms and Conditions for repairs and maintenance.



DEPENDABILITY FOR TODAY — AND OVER THE LONGTIME You use a durable device not just for its power and capability. You use it also because it’s incredibly durable and can withstand the rigorous demands day to day use. That’s how DLC® manufactures its products to work for you over the long haul.

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Product Warranty Inside Iraq:

DLC warranty applies to the products for the customer, noting that Al-Bilad General Trading and Commercial Agencies shall repair and replace spare parts for their products, which include kitchen and home appliances products, for a period of only 18 months from the date of purchase, and this warranty is valid only inside Iraq.

Terms & Conditions:

This guarantee applies to the first buyer.

  • Repair and replacement shall take place through the DLC maintenance centers approved by Al-Bilad.
  • In the event of repair or replacement of spare parts, the warranty remains valid for the remainder of the warranty period, and the period required for repair or replacement is not excluded from the warranty period.
  • Al-Bilad company or its authorized maintenance agents have the right to keep spare parts replaced by products during the warranty period.
  • The product's warranty continues for the remainder of the warranty period after the repair process, in the event that the authorized maintenance center confirms that the cause of the malfunction is caused by defects in manufacturing and does not include other cases.
  • The customer bears the fees for the inspection of the product if required.
  • In the event that the product is damaged due to transportation to and from the maintenance center by our certified transporters, we are obliged to repair the damage free of charge with the continuation of the warranty period.
  • The warranty does not include installation fees for the product being purchased.
  • Al-Bilad Company is obligated through this guarantee to maintain and replace the defective spare parts that are covered by the warranty only.
  • The repair operations during the warranty period do not include fees for transportation, opening and installation of the product, and the buyer must transfer the product to one of the registered maintenance centers for warranty services.
  • The guarantee card must be sealed by the company seal, otherwise it will not be accepted.
  • In case of the damaged product is brought by the customer, the costumer must provide the purchase receipt.
  • The approved service center shall advise customers about repair cases within the sites inside the maintenance centers, with any spare part replaced by Al-Bilad, and it must be in a working condition that matches its main functions.
  • Al-Bilad Company covers a 18 months warranty for the compressor, for air conditioners only.
  • Note: Please show the original invoice upon every maintenance request attached to this warranty card, otherwise the guarantee will be deemed void.

The warranty does not cover any of the conditions below:

  • Failure to fill out the warranty card correctly and send it to the service center to record the purchase.
  • The warranty card does not match the customer's information when requesting maintenance, in case the product was not purchased from one of the authorized Al-Bilad agents.
  • Failure to follow the attached instruction booklet when using the product.
  • Tampering or altering the electronic circuit of the product or its general appearance.
  • Accidents, high voltage, and natural disasters such as fires.

The warranty does not cover the following:

  • Microwave oven doors
  • Air conditioner filters
  • Cables of all kinds, batteries and other consumable materials.

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